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Defender Wrist Alarm (Code: WRISTALARM)


Traditional personal alarms are designed such that they need to be carried or sometimes clipped to a belt.  The Defender Wrist Alarm is designed to be worn on the wrist and therefore can be used as unobtrusively as a watch. The alarm can be worn on the topside of your wrist or underneath in which fashion, it can hardly be noticed. The Wrist Alarm is a hands free system and gives personal safety protection without hindering any activity.

The Alarm can be easily attached and removed when no longer required, simply by tearing the velro apart. The strap is of such length to be suitable for larger sizes of wrist.

The Wrist Alarm is particularly suitable for:

• Young People
• Night Owls
• Lone Workers
• Joggers
• Dog Walkers
• Ramblers and Hill Walkers
• People who may need medical attention
• Nurses
• Postal Workers

Major Features / Specifications:

• 130 DB Siren
• Suitable for larger wrist sizes
• Batteries supplied and fitted

Price: EUR 17.66
Incl. 23 % VAT

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