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Antenna Rotators

Yaesu G-450C Rotator (Code: ROTATORG450C)
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EUR 629.79
Incl. 23 % VAT
The Yaesu G-450 is a Light/Medium duty rotator for antennas such as light 3 element HF beams and multi-element VHF arrays, perfect for entry level requirements.
Hy-Gain AR-40X Rotator (Code: ROTATORAR40X)
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EUR 695.20
Incl. 23 % VAT
The AR-40X is for large FM-TV and compact communication antenna arrays up to 3 square feet wind load area. Dual 12 ball bearing race is exclusive to its class. Automatic position sensor never needs resetting.
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EUR 864.03
Incl. 23 % VAT
The CD-45IIX handles 8.5 sq. feet mounted inside a tower, or 5 sq. ft. with mast adapter. Low temperature grease good to -30 F degrees. Bell rotator design gives total weather protection, dual 58 ball bearing race gives proven support.
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EUR 1252.32
Incl. 23 % VAT
Automatic 5-second brake delay insures that the rotator is fully stopped before the brake is engaged. No more accidentally engaging the brake while the rotator is in movement.

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