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CB (Citizen Band) originally started in America, predominantly used by truckers.  It came to Ireland in the late 70’s early 80’s and was the forerunner of the internet and mobile phone.

The only way people could communicate was with a normal landline which wasn’t much help if you where stuck in the middle of nowhere without petrol or a broken down car!

So with the ability to communicate with mobile and homebase users and the ability to talk to your friends and family without having to pay call charges, CB Radio caught on and nearly every house and car had a cb radio.

CB Radio is an unlicensed service which is still in use today and is starting to make a big comeback due to the current economic climate. The fact that you can speak to your friends and family without have to “top up” your phone credit is a big advantage.

The rule of thumb is – the higher your antenna and the more power your radio has, the further you can communicate!

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