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Zetagi 203 SWR/Watt Meter 3-200Mhz (Code: ZETAGI203METER)


A sturdy twin instrument meter designed to measure v.s.w.r. (3-200 MHz) and power (26-30 MHz) separately, it has a three position switch to measure power readings at up to 10W, 100W, or 1KW.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Range 3-200 MHz
Impedance 50 ohms
Accuracy +/- 10%
Power Measurements 0-10 W, 0-100 W, 0-1 KW SSB (26-30 MHz)
Size 140mm (w) x 60mm (h) x 80mm (d)

Price: 90.78 EUR
Incl. 23 % TAX
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