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Diamond SX-600 SWR Meter (Code: DIAMONDSX600SWRMETER)


Precision SWR/Power Meter. Frequencies: 1.8MHz - 160MHz and 140MHz - 525MHz. Max 200W (see specs)

Features, Functions and Specifications:
• Meter: Displays forward RF Power, reflected RF power and SWR. Meter has 3 scales. Uppermost scale is for high (H) and low (L) power SWR reading. Low power SWR scale is for RF power below 5W. High power SWR scale is for power over 5W. Second and third scales are for RF power measurement which are 5W,20W and 200W full scales.
Range Switch: Selects full scale RF power reading between 5W, 20W and 200W.
• Function Switch: Selects measurement function between RF power and SWR.
• Calibration Knob
• Power Direction Switch
• Average/PEP Monitor Switch
• Meter Zero Adjustment Screw
• LED indicator
• 2 pcs SO-239 for Transceiver connecting
• 2 pcs SO-239 for Antenna connecting
• 13.8VDC input
• Sensor Selection Switch: 1.8MHz - 160MHz or 140MHz - 525MHz.

Packing Includes:
• 1 Pc of SWR/Power Meter


Price: 176.85 EUR
Incl. 23 % TAX
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