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We have received permission to use tutorial videos from a Youtube user called TRXBench, who is a hobby repair engineer and has put up a number of great videos regarding CB/Amateur radio repairs and reviews. Here are some of the videos which we feel would be great information for our customers. If you have any questions, please contact TRXBench via the comments section on his Youtube page. Click on the tutorial you require and it will bring you to the tutorial page. 

1) Tutorial: The bascis of troubleshooting for HAM / CB radio. Repair President Lincoln
2) HAM Radio repair: Troubleshooting Yaesu FT-1000MP V Field with no TX power
3) Tutorial HAM / CB Radio Electronics: What is PEP Power and how to measure?
4) Repair: Yaesu FT857D, No TX Audio; Audio Modification for SSB and FM
5) Radio Repair Part1: Troubleshooting 10/11 m Radio- Albrecht UltraForce with massive short 
6) Radio Repair Part2: Troubleshooting 10 /11 m Radio- Albrecht UltraForce with massive short
7) Radio Maintenance: UHF Repeater Antenna Pre Amp with Gain Problems  
8) Radio Repair: Troubleshooting Kenwood TS-2000 weak receive, Part 2
9) Radio Repair: Troubleshooting Kenwood TS-2000 weak receive, Part 2
10) Icom IC-735 PLL and VCO repair and alignment with back ground information
11) Radio Repair: Kenwood TH F7, no switch on
12) HAM/ CB Radio repair: Maas DX 5000 with frequency error in SSB USB
13) Yaesu FT747; Part 1: fix/ repair bad RX sensitivity 
14) Yaesu FT747; Part 2: fix/repair bad RX sensitivity
15) Radio repair: Troubleshooting a Kenwood TM-732 with no TX power
16) The Equipment You Need To Repair CB Radios


1) Electronic Lab Tools: Review desoldering station ZD-985
2) Out of the Box impression: Test Albrecht AE-5890EU 10/11/12m Radio

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